crop protection

In line with our commitment to deliver high yields and premium grains, Syngenta provides Filipino farmers with top-of-the-line products. These products ensure better protection and high productivity from seeds to harvest. 

Our NK5017 hybrid rice seeds maintain a potential yield of up to 10 MT/ha from wet to dry seasons. Among its many strengths are that it has good grain clustering per panicle and better-eating quality. The S6003, on the other hand, is a wet season specialist which boasts of a 12 MT/ha yield potential. It has long, slender grains and good eating quality. 

Syngenta’s herbicide products, Sofit and Repivox, are safe solutions for weed control. Meanwhile, our rice insecticide portfolio features new technologies such as Alika, Chess, and Virtako. These, along with reliable brands Karate and Cymbush, provide better protection against destructive pests such as stemborer, brown plant hoppers, and leaf folders. 

Completing the crop program, Syngenta’s fungicide products, Armure and Ortiva Top, protect rice crops from diseases. 

Syngenta’s extensive range of solutions allow growers to maximize their crop potential, improving productivity and increasing income.

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Chess 50 WG

Pinaka epektibong solusyon na may natatanging bisa laban sa mga hanip/bph

Triple lock technology - Pinipigilan ang pagkain, Paralisado ang hulihang paa, Pinipigilan ang pangingitlog

Protektado ang palay ng 21 araw

Ligtas sa kaibigang kulisap


Ang makabagong solusyon laban sa mga maninipsip at mapanirang insekto sa abot kayang halaga

May dalawang AI (TMX+L-Cyahalothrin)

Tumatagal ang bisa hanggang 14 na araw

Mababang timplada lang ang kailangan kada hektarya (100ml/ha)

Virtako 40 WG

Ang pinakamahusay na solusyon laban sa stemborer at tumutulong paramihin ang pagsusuwi

Pinagsama ang dalawang makabagong AI (CTPR + TMX)

Pinaparami at pinapatibay ang suwi

Protektado ng 14 araw laban sa stemborer

Cymbush 5 EC

Kontrolado ang maraming klase ng insekto sa abot kayang halaga

Subok at Totoo

Contact at Stomach action


May subok na knockdown action laban sa mga peste

Subok at Totoo

Quick Knockdown


Repivox 60 OD

Ang post-emergent herbicide na mabisa sa maraming klase ng damo kasama ang Leptochloa (Palay Maya) na ligtas at malamig sa palay.

Pinakamahusay sa pagkontrol ng Leptochloa spp.

OD or Oil Dispersant Formulation

May dalawang active ingredients (AI’s) -(Penoxulam + Cyhalafop)

Sofit 300 EC

Ang maagang pang control laban sa damo

Subok at totoo


May Safener


Armure 300 EC

Mas mabigat ang butil, Mas mataas ang ani

May dalawang sangkap na gamot mula sa Triazole group (Difenoconazale + Propiconazole)

Nagpapabigat at nagpapakinis ang butil