FINAL Corn Cover

Syngenta’s advanced technology ensures that growers get the most out of their crops, even in harsh conditions.  

Leading the pack is the NK8840, boasting a yield potential of 13 MT/ha. This hybrid seed variety produces heavy cobs with large kernels and strong stalks. It sustains its high yield even in harsh conditions, such as droughts. 

Our NK306 and NK6410 are equally strong performers that deliver high yields of up to 12 MT/ha. They are resilient against lodging and are easy to de-husk. Both varieties boast of big, filled cobs with high quality grains. 

The NK6414 is the hybrid choice of farmers for high population planting because of its good standability and erect leaves. It reaches maturity in just 105 to 110 days, with a potential yield of 15 MT/ha. 

Using our expertise in seeds technology and first-rate germplasm, we meet the Filipino corn planters’ growing needs in this drastically changing climate.


NK Corn with CP Products

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