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Virtako 40 WG

Virtako 40 WG

Crop Protection, Insecticide

Authorisation Number: 
FPA Registration No. 011-416-2681
Pack size: 
10 g
Wettable Granule
Mode of action: 
Thiamethoxam: Group 4A Insecticide Chlorantraniliprole: Group 28 Insecticide

Virtako® 40 WG is a new generation granule insecticide which provides excellent and long lasting protection against chewing and sucking pests.

Target Pests / Rate of Application

Registered Crops Target Pests Application Rate Sachet/16L
Rice Stemborer, Blackbug, Green Leafhoppers 1
Corn Fall Army Worm 1.5
Tobacco Tobacco Budworm 2


  • Highly effective against sucking and chewing pests such as Stemborer, Black bug in Rice and Fall Army Worm in Corn
  • Provides protection for up to 14 days



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