1.  Passion for Customers

Because we understand customer needs, we offer products, services, and solutions that customers value. We also serve farmers and help them build valuable partnerships.

 2. Long View

We invest and innovate for the long term. What we do today strengthens Syngenta and the food supply chain for tomorrow – be it economically, environmentally, or socially. We also build fruitful, long-lasting partnerships.

3. Growth for all

We share the value we create with our employees, customers, communities, and food chain partners. Our productivity funds our investments in everyone’s growth.


4. Determined execution

We earn goodwill by delivering on our commitments. We are disciplined, reliable and accountable, keeping our processes simple and focused. We also value collaboration to achieve better outcomes.


5. How matters

We value transparency, diversity, and inclusion. We always strive for better methods; while keeping ethics, safety, and regulatory compliance at the core of our operations.