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Ortiva Top 325 SC

Crop Protection, Fungicide

Authorisation Number: 
FPA Reg. Number 011-486-4489
Pack size: 
250 ml
1000 ml
Suspension Concentrate
Mode of action: 
Azoxystrobin: Group 11 Fungicide Difenoconazole: Group 3 Fungicide

Ortiva Top® 325 SC is powerful broad spectrum fungicide combining the two most reliable active ingredients – Azoxystrobin and Difenoconazole. Together they provide preventive, systemic and curative activity for a wide range of disease including Sheath Blight in Rice, Anthracnose in Mango and Vegetables

Target Diseases / Rate of Application

Registered Crops Target Diseases Application Rate /16L
Rice Sheath Blight, Rice Blast 5 tbsp
Mango Antracnose, Scab, Stem end rot 200 ml/ 200 L
Onion Anthracnose 3.5 tbsp
Potato Late Blight 2.5 tbsp
Cabbage Leaf Spot, Ring Spot 1.5 tbsp
Tomato Late Blight, Early Blight 2.5 tbsp
Corn Northern Corn Leaf Blight, White Spot, Grey Leaf Spot, Brown Spot 7.5 tbsp


  • Broad Spectrum against a wide range of disease on a wide range of crop
  • Fast acting and long lasting control
  • Offers preventive, systemic and curative activity



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