SIBOL training: a good run and more to come

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Soil is one of the most essential of our natural resources and plays a major role in regulating water, carbon storage, and the whole ecosystem. More importantly, soil is the foundation of food production, directly affecting the quality and productivity of yield. 

SIBOL Health Model Farm (2)

With its project partner, the Ifugao State University in Potia, Alfonso Lista, Ifugao, Syngenta developed a 2-hectare model farm that also served as a mini-training center, for the 137 farmers who have been equipped with soil health knowledge, including soil analysis using soil test kits.

Syngenta Philippines has been investing in SIBOL, its soil health project that trains growers on how to maintain soil health through the implementation of sustainable farming techniques and good agricultural practices. Complementing this is the follow-through training for the Commercial team so that they can acquire a deeper understanding of SIBOL. Soil health discussions will also be integrated during field promo activities like corn expositions and harvest festivals by next year. 

SIBOL Compilation

Another round of growers’ training is set to happen this year, based on grower interest and the good results from SIBOL’s 2023 run.

Contact Business Sustainability Ruby Eduarte or FC ATS Manager Rey Valiente for details.