Control the colony with the convenience of a gel.

Kills the queen. Destroys the ants in the nest.

OPTIGARD Ant Bait Gel is not just convenient to use; it’s also one of the leading baits on the market for controlling sugar-feeding antinfestations. Use it to control entire colonies in homes, commercial settings, schools and hospitals, and be confident it will eradicate not just the ants you see, but also the ones you can’t.

The Benefits

Superior control of the entire colony

  • OPTIGARD kills not just the worker, but also the queen and the colony, reducing call backs and delivering better results for your clients
  • Palatable for up to 14 days and highly attractive to a broad spectrum of sugar-feeding ants, such as the Argentine Ant, Black House Ant, Sugar Ant, Ghost Ant, White-footed Ant and Pedicel Ant

Convenient and easy to use

  • Gel formulation is clean, convenient, non-staining and odourless
  • Gel stays put without running, even on vertical surfaces
  • HACCP certified – can be used in industrial or commercial settings, hotels, schools, restaurants, hospitals and food processing facilities

The Science 

How does OPTIGARD control the entire ant colony? 

OPTIGARD is infused with thiamethoxam: a highly palatable, non-repellent active ingredient. Worker ants that feed on OPTIGARD return to the nest and transfer thiamethoxam to the colony and queen. Total colony control can be achieved within 7 days, with workers reduced within just 48 hours. 

Tips for Use 

  • OPTIGARD remains highly palatable for at least 14 days. If ants are still present after that time, this means a new or large colony is present and re-treatment may be necessary
  • Have both ADVION Ant Gel and OPTIGARD Ant Bait Gel with you, and do a taste test for which species you are dealing with. By having both products at your disposal, all ant species should be controlled
  • You can also use OPTIGARD with ARILON as a band spray in treated areas for broad spectrum pest control, or use DEMAND as an outdoor perimeter spray to prevent further infestations from neighbouring ant colonies

The Features

Clear, non-staining on all treated surfaces


Highly stacle and palatable formulation

Controls a broad range of ant species

Impacts all life stages for total colony control

HACCP certified

Easy application and can be applied to vertical surfaces

Indoor and outdoor use