Backyard control that goes the distance.

Delivers long-lasting control against mosquitoes, flies, spiders and a wide range of other insects.

DEMAND Insecticide delivers long-lasting control against mosquitoes, flies, spiders and a wide range of other insects. Its versatility makes it a winner – apply it outdoors or indoors, to foliage, on ornamental plants and shrubs, on hard surfaces like outdoor furniture, under decks and in plant pots.

The Benefits 

Powerful and long-lasting broad spectrum control

  • DEMAND knocks down ants, house flies, mosquitoes, spiders, silverfish, German Cockroaches and American Cockroaches
  • Delivers fast knockdown with residual action for extended control of up to 14 weeks. This means less applications and less chemicals applied compared to traditional insecticides

Versatile with many uses

  • DEMAND can be applied to foliage such as backyard shrubs and ornamental plants for mosquito control, making it a great backyard solution
  • Ideal for use in council areas that are prone to mosquitoes
  • HACCP certified and suitable for indoor use

Easy to apply

  • DEMAND is a water-based, non-staining, low-odour solution
  • Sprays cleanly, mixes quickly and applies easily, saving you time and labour

The Science

How does DEMAND deliver long-lasting control? 

DEMAND uses iCap technology, encasing the active ingredient in a polymer microcapsule, suspended in water.

On application, over 64,000 microcapsules stick to every square metre of treated surface, keeping the active ingredient protected from the environment. This means the active ingredient lasts longer, allowing more insects to move over the treated surface and pick up the microcapsules on their bodies.

The active ingredient then quickly moves out of the microcapsule and into the insect, providing a rapid knockdown followed by a quick kill.

Tips for Use 

  • With proper application, you can use DEMAND to control mosquitoes and other insect pests with reapplication intervals of no more than 10 weeks
  • DEMAND can be used both indoors and outdoors to provide immediate and longer term residual control (up to 3 months in outdoor applications and up to 12 months for indoor control)
  • Apart from mosquitoes and flies, DEMAND is also very effective as a perimeter treatment against ants that trail from adjacent properties or structures

The Features

Fast knockdown

Excellent residual action

Wide range of pests listed on label

Works on a wide range of surfaces

Economic application


Low odour and non-staining