Whatever the pest, Arilon has your back.

More advanced chemistry, now even more flexible. Outstanding performance against a wide variety of ants, cockroaches and houseflies.

ARILON is the nonrepellent insecticide to always have on hand. On top of being extremely effective, it’s one of the most versatile solutions on the market – use it against ants, cockroaches, houseflies and termites; indoors or outdoors; and on different surfaces. Partner with ADVION Ant or ADVION Cockroach baits to pack a punch.

The Benefits

Versatile enough to meet your needs

  • ARILON controls a wide variety of ants, cockroaches, houseflies and termites
  • Can be used indoors, outdoors and on a wide range of common surfaces
  • Suitable for commercial and domestic use
  • HACCP certified

An effective solution that gets the entire colony

  • Superior transfer into the nest for long-lasting control
  • Non-repellent, fast-acting solution means pests are rapidly dealt with
  • Partner with ADVION gel baits for even better results

Convenient and easy to use

  • No odour or staining
  • Water Dispersible Granule formulation makes it easy to use
  • Suitable for pyrethroid resistant management programs

The Science 

ARILON’s powerful activity, combined with its non-repellent properties, offers effective control against a wide range of pests. A termite’s nest temperature rapidly drops after applying ARILON, signifying colony collapse.

Tips for Use

  • Partner ARILON Insecticide with ADVION gels in situations where superior cockroach or ant control is needed, such as in commercial kitchens, warehouses and areas with persistent infestations.
  • Applying ADVION over the top of ARILON not only improves uptake of the active ingredient; it also speeds up control and delivers a broader, longer-lasting treatment zone compared to using ARILON alone. This pairing can also deliver results in jobs that have previously been resistant to other treatments.

The Features

Non-repellent – can be used in conjunction with ADVION and OPTIGARD gels

Superior transfer through colony members of target pests

Can be used inside and outside premises

Suitable for a broad range of surfaces

Ideal in pyrethroid resistance management programs

For use in commercial and domestic situations

No odour and non-staining

Easy-to-use, water dispersible granule formulation

Registered for remedial termite control, including Mastotermes spp.